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Basic authentication in via attribute

Here I demonstrate the process of Basic Authentication in python web framework. There is a proof of concept article provided in the main site,however I just thought doing the same via an attribute might be a cleaner solution. HTTP Basic authentication implementation is one of the easiest ways to secure web pages because it doesn't require cookies, session handling, or the development of login pages. Rather, HTTP Basic authentication uses static headers which means that no handshakes have to be done in anticipation,however the n the credentials are passed as plain-text and could be intercepted.

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How to setup easy_install on Windows

If one has been using python, then installing various libraries and modules is basically a breeze using easy_install utility, however for folks using windows, easy_install utility has to be setup properly before using it.

Once done lets quickly setup a PYTHON_HOME environment variable which points to the python directory which contains python exe in my case its c:/Python27, to set up environment variable right click "My Computer " select "properties", "Advanced Tab" "Environment Variables" Button, add new environment variable and call it “PYTHON_HOME” and set path to whatever is in your case, to make sure every thing is proper ,open NEW dos prompt and type echo            %PYTHON_HOME% and you should see the path you have entered.

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